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Basic: Trace Metals

Organic rich source beds will often show elevated metals due to reducing conditions and/or hydrothermal fluid mineralization during deposition.  A variety of trace metals will also tend to accumulate in sediments derived from igneous or metamorphic source rocks, which can be useful in determining depositional environments or sediment origins.  Increasing or decreasing trends within a particular set of metals can be useful as chemical markers for determining wellbore location post well or during drilling if XRF is run on-site.  Examples for a vertical and horizontal well from the Duvernay are shown below with elevated metals in the organic rich portions and lower metals in the carbonates. 

Trace Metals VFigure A.  Trace Metal Chemistry from Core Analysis in the Duvernay Formation.

Trace Metals HFigure B.  Trace Metal Chemistry from Drill Cuttings Analysis in the Duvernay Formation.