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Interpretive: Quick Look Table

This table, as shown in Figure A, has been developed as a color coded quick look method for locating zones of high and low potential within a target formation.  The key factors in the reservoir quality graphs are included with a few additional minor indicators.  Comments for each change in lithology are also presented. The values are color coded at each depth to show if they fall inside or outside the range of values generally seen in high quality reservoir rock.  Green is good which indicates the value for a specific factor is within the acceptable range.  If a cell is colored yellow it is just outside the acceptable range of values and designated as marginal.  Cells colored red are well outside the range of target values associated with high quality reservoir.  Dark blue in the carbonates column indicates the interval has over 30% carbonate while light blue indicates between 20-30%.  The clays column fades from green to brown with increasing clay content.  


Figure A.  Quick look table of a Duvernay Well.